Which Radeon HD 7750 low profile and Why?

Hi, I have a slim line pc and cannot afford to buy a new pc (because of my mother). I was wondering if there is a card that is better than the radeon hd 7750 and can be used in a 250w power supply. If Radeon Hd 7750 is a good deal, which of the following would I choose? One is cheaper than the other, but I don't know which is more powerful. Please tell me which one and why.
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  1. Go with the sapphire version of the HD 7750, powercolour is not that much of a good brand and from hearing from people they have terrible customer service. They are both the same performance but the sapphire costs more because of its cooler and its brand name itself. Can you post your build here, 250 watts may not work out for you. Also make sure you have a DVI connector for your monitor to support the sapphire HD 7750.
  2. they have the same spec. So it will be the same.
  3. Okay, I only have a $100 prepaid card and it seems I won't be able to buy the sapphire one. Is the powercolor that much of a difference. I was also thinking on buying the Radeon Hd 6670. Is there also much difference between the 7750 and 6670?
  4. Also based on reviews, 250w will make the cut. I have inspiron 531s and its pretty old and other people also have this
  5. Chose the cheapest if you're concerned about the money, chose the other if you aren't hehehe.. basically its the same thing. Yeah, get the cheaper one and get another psu. You don't want your psu working 100% all the time.
  6. 250 watts should be fine
    7750 is about 30-40% faster than an HD 6670,HD 6670 with DDR3 memory,
    HD 6670 with DDR5 memory cost more, often close to HD 7750 prices.
    There is supposed to be a 15% discount sitewide till 10/29
  7. Well the same thing above, the HD 7750 is faster than the HD 6670 and consumes less power. Here is a breakdown of the performance between both cards:
  8. 7750 can do 1080p gaming with low-med settings. 6670 good 720p gaming. Get the 7750 and don't settle for the 6670... old tech consumes more power.. your 250w psu is just about the max tdp of an average system with hd 7750.. don't be surprised if your pc shutdowns while gaming...
  9. +1^ like I mentioned in my previous post, you are running a bit tight in regards to watts consumed by the computer.
  10. Generally a CPU wouldmax out at 125 watts the 7750 about 65, that is 190 under 100% for both, actually unlikely while gaming on a system with a 250 watt power supply.
    More likely Cpu is 95 watts or less.
    Power draw for CPU fan, memory, and HDD ~10-15 watts max.

    Assuming this is OEM.
  11. Do not forget the DVD drive which uses 20 watts, we also cannot forget capacitor aging which means the power supply loses some of its initial wattage after hours of usage (1000+ hours).
  12. walterm said:
    Generally a CPU wouldmax out at 125 watts the 7750 about 65, that is 190 under 100% for both, actually unlikely while gaming on a system with a 250 watt power supply.
    More likely Cpu is 95 watts or less.
    Power draw for CPU fan, memory, and HDD ~10-15 watts max.

    Assuming this is OEM.

    really depends on the computer, i have an OEM pc with a 130W CPU
  13. okay so i have decided to buy the 7750 LOW PROFILE card, and the links that you showed me aren't low profile. I looked them up and still deciding whether I'd get the powercolor or sapphire. Which one is better?
  14. And also i cannot find a website that is selling those products for $100 or less (shipping included+tax)
  15. Well you could buy the same card in normal size for under 99 dollars if lucky and under sale but low profile cards usually cost a bit more since manufactures kind of cram it on a smaller board and include brackets to suit your computer.
  16. Hello, have a luk here plz
    When I use to boot my pc with my ATI 5450 hd ddr3 1gb, the system boots and even it starts successfully but only I can hear the sound of windows start up... I cannot se anything....means there is no display from the begining to the start,,,,, :(
    But when I plug my monitor cable to onboard,,,, the display comes...I removed my graphic card and put it in my frnds pc,,, it worked fine.....but with me it worked for me for 5 months but now the problem arises and I also cheked the bios for the priority of graphic card and it is in proper order but why automatically it happen to me now.... :'(.... Plz help....Hurry....I want to play NFS Most Wanted 2012...plz help
  17. Well I had the exact same issue with my other computer a while ago. When you see the bios loadup click f10 or delete or whatever it says to enter the bios setup. Once in set the video to PCI-Express or auto. You must have it on onboard which I did and in return I had no monitor signal . Next time, you should create your own thread instead of using other people's threads.

    Also your video cad (HD 5450) will not be able to play Most wanted (the 2012 edition coming out in a week) since it does not even meet the basic requirement for a video card.
  18. okay so a regular card will fit into my slimline inspiron 531s?
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    No only low profile cards will fit in your computer, I believe the best low profile card available is the HD 7750, go with the sapphire manufacturer.
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  21. if i dont have over $100, then next is go with the 6670?
  22. Yes you should go with the HD 6670 if the HD 7750 is out of your budget. Or if you would like I can keep an eye out for the HD 7750 for when its on sale and I can send you a private message when the time arrives?
  23. Sorry, but I'm in hurry thats why I did so....
  24. okay thanks socialfox, you have been a great asset. I would appreciate it if you could private message me if you see anything the 7750 on sale on any website.
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