How much video card do i need to play current games?


I am building two pcs for my sons for xmas.

So far:

AMD FX 4100 3.6Ghz
Gigabyte GA78 LMT board
1 TP 7200 Rpm hard drive
600 watt power sup
Full size case w 3 120mm fans
bluray drive
assorted other bits
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  1. It depends on games, resolution and settings you are looking at. If it was 1080p gaming with ultra-hi settings it will cost you $150-200. So the answer is it depends on the resolution and setting you want to play with..and games also have different needs.. you also need to consider that. Some are gpu dependent some are cpu. Look at this link for the best for any budget,3107-4.html

    I will also suggest looking into Core i3-3220 it will perform a lot better than what you are looking at but it will cost a little bit more. Amd cards also consumes more power.. so this ones better for your bill. If I was in your position I'd go for hd 7750 only $100 best power/performance ratio. I am really concerned about the electricity.heheh.. Since I will assume those pc's will run all day and at the same time. HD 7750 will give you high 720p gaming and low 1080p gaming. Good luck with your build... your sons are lucky to have a dad like you... to make them nerds at a young age..whahahhaa... just kidding.
  2. Make sure you have a good power supply, Please do. I repeat, don't skimp on it. Get good branded ones, this for example:

    The case isn't that important, but I'd recommend getting a good branded one. This is the one I use:

    Choose the colour yourself.

    For the Graphics card, Depends on your needs and your budget. I would generally recommend this:

    As for the processor, I think the post above is right, I'd rather get an i3-3220 instead.

    If you HAD to stay with that motherboard, I'd get the newer version of the FX-4000, or the FX-4170.
  3. +1 on good psu!.. the best investment of them all.. it makes sure you don't burn your house while leaving your computer on, downloading stuff from the internet..heheh
  4. I was looking at the 7770 as a good card. My PSU is a good Corsair model, and should be stable. I was looking at the Phenomll 965 as a processor, I may just go back to microcenter and see if I can swap them. The I3 is not a four core processor, and after looking at the mfg's recommended hardware across several games, they rec. a true four core chip. I like intel, but the i 7 is a bit much for this build out.
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