Best Graphics Card?

Hey guys, i am thinking of buying a Dell XPS 420 dekstop
It comes with Intel Core 2 Quad q9450 2.66 ghz CPU
Geforce 9800gt 512mb GPU (currently installed)
4 gb ram
300 gb hard drive
windows vista
and 375 watt dell stock PSU

i am trying to upgrade the GPU, without having to change the PSU, and i have heard that dell PSU's are above average and they have more watts than it says, but im not completely sure

So what is the best graphics card for gaming (modern games at high/max settings)

Price Range: Under $155 usd

Looking for GPU that can run GTA 4, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, etc games at high/max settings

Thanks in advance guys!
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  1. I'm not sure how "excellent" Dells PSU's are but your CPU will also be a bottle neck for higher end cards. That being said I think the 7770 would be a good way for you to go, I'm very happy with mine. They pull about 80w max and you should be able to feel comfortable with that on your PSU.
    This is what I have, it's one of the cheaper ones but it's still great.
  2. It says it needs a PCI Express 3.0 x16 but im pretty sure i only have a 2.0 x16, will it still work?
    Thanks alot
  3. beanie911 said:
    It says it needs a PCI Express 3.0 x16 but im pretty sure i only have a 2.0 x16, will it still work?
    Thanks alot

    fully backward compatible, yes it will.
  4. yes. pci express 3.0 is fully backwards compatible and you won't notice the lack of bandwidth on a car like that.
  5. yep it'll work, its actually backwards compatible
  6. jemm said:

    Aren't those cards more powerful and require 500+ watt PSU?
    I only have the stock 375 PSU from Dell soo..
  7. I am thinking about the Radeon 7770 hd, is it a nice card?
    Seems by benchmarks it can run BattleField 3 max settings at about 40-60 fps

    and what do you guys mean by, "backwards compatible" would i have to do something for it to fit? Thanks so much for replies guys
  8. it means you can use older standards or format of it, without having issues.

    Edit: Let me put this into an example. You'll be able to play video game titles from PS and PS2 on your PS3
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    jemm said:

    Read the thread before you post, he was asking for a gpu that is compatible with his psu.

    Go with a 7750.
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