Which graphics card should i buy for a budget build.

Hi everybody i am new to the site and just have a quick question. I am looking for a video card that will go well with my build, and i have narrowed it down to 2 cards the one is the Nvidia 560 ti EVGA Superclocked.

Link for everybody.

The next is the Nvidia 550 ti EVGA.


They both are GDDR5, but the 550 ti has 2 gigs and better a higher core, shader, and memory speeds. Thanks for the suggestions and help!
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  1. Also my monitor is 1360 by 768 if that helps in anyway thanks again.
  2. Between the two cards.. its obviously 560.. the link you posted is a GTX 560 non-ti by the way.
  3. You dont need a 560 at that resolution , you should get a 7770 radeon or a 650 ti , goodluck.
  4. Okay thanks for the help. Any other recommendations possibly from Nvidia, I really don't want to spend over $160. I'm on a college student budget, thanks.
  5. It's understandable that you are a college student and want to get the best bang for your buck, but you won't be truly happy unless you wait for a slightly better graphics card.

    For 40$ more, you could get the 7850 / 7870, which I guarantee, will make you happy.

    560 isn't really that good, and the 550 won't be maxing out any of the newer titles without lag issues. Also very power consuming.

    -Save up just a little more.
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