Annoying shimmering sound w/ Live!

Hey all!

I am a recent newcomer to THG, only posting a few times in the graphics cards forum. This is my first venture into this forum, so pardon me if this question is old, moldy, stale, and already answered many times over . . .

When playing games, most recently Serious Sam, I get this annoying shimmering sound; basically, game sounds echoing with metallic resonance. It really bugs. Sometimes it comes as pops during dialogue. I have tried lowering the quality of the sound and reducing levels on other features in order to curb this, but alas . . . to no avail!

Here's my setup:
K6-3 450
VIA Apollo MVP3 MB
SB Live! Value
Hercules Prophet II MX 32MB
Windows 98

Let me know if you need any more system info.

I had checked the SB website a while back and read something in their troubleshooting section, but it did not help. Until Serious, I had more or less ignored the pops. Now it is really annoying. However, I can not find any postings on the SB site.

Are there any known conflicts or quick fixes?

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


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  1. There's a few things it could be:

    1. Driver issue. Make sure you have the newest drivers.

    2. Make sure that you don't have an EAX preset enabled.

    3. Make sure that all of the sound levels on your computer are set at 75%. If they are at 100% the sound card amplifies the signal too much and it gets distorted. If you have to up the volume, turn up your speakers, as they should be doing the majority of the amplification.

    4. Could be the old Live!/Via issue, in which case you may want to get new chipset drivers for your board.

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  2. Take a look at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, they have a FAQ about SB and Via isues (it's called 686b bug, but it may work with your board too).

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  3. sorry but i think it's because of your old sound card

    i have this sort of trouble with an old soundblaster

    when i change it with an sb 128 PCI compact the first model in the brand (just 20$), the sound was become limpid

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  4. SB Live! cards are better and <b>newer</b> then SB 128 PCI soundcards.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. Hey man,

    I'm getting that same annoying shimmering w/ my Live! too..

    It gets really bad in Diablo II, especially in the cinematics. Found nothing useful from Blizzard or Creative, hope someone here knows whats going on.

    I'm running a 1.4 Ghz T-Bird on an ECS K7S5A (SiS 735, NOT a Via board..)

    - Corri

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  6. of course :cool:

    but that i try to say is to buy another sound card

    just the first brand 128 sb can correct this pb

    after in function of the budget you can buy a better one
    more expensive

    EasyInfo :cool:
    I would like to Invest for my PC !!
    ok, buy nothing.
  7. Thank you . . . I will try these suggestions as soon as I can. A few responses for now (re: <b>silverpig</b>'s post):

    1. I think I do have the new drivers for Live!, but I will check my version and then the SB site to see.

    2. Since Serious Sam is an EAX game, I have SB Mixer Selection set to "Play EAX Game" and the Effect as "Normal EAX effect". These selections were made after two sessions. Yeah, I forgot to bum around the Mixer after I last updated Live!Ware to notice this . . . I just found it now.) I wouldn't think that turning these off would have an effect, but I will try nonetheless.

    3. :tongue: Oops . . . silly me. Guilty as charged . . . maybe this is the prob. It will definitely be my first change. I know I have the wave setting down, but the master level is still 100%.

    4. I did install the Via 4in1 driver, if that was what you are referring to . . . are there any newer ones? I will also doublecheck the Via site for known issues (per <b> svol</b> . . . Thanks!), which I did once before when I first had the problem. That's when I downloaded the 4in1 driver.

    Anyway, thanks to all for your help . . . I am itching to test out some of the possible fixes and get my ears and my eyes to agree on something for once. I will post again when I figger it out and let you know what worked. <b>Corri</b>, I hope you get your problem fixed, too.

    Auf wiedersehn!


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