Games freezing and crashing (please help)

Hello, I recently installed a EVGA GTX 660 TI SC and when i try playing slightly demanding games on the game will almost all of the time freeze, make a buzzing noise and then i lose all visuals in the game. Does anyone have any suggestions and i did try to install new drivers.
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  1. try this. turn off windows auto updates and auto driver updates. uninstall the drivers. reboot. go to your folder that the drivers are in ( the ones you downloaded for the card ) and start the install process. only install the graphics driver and the physx driver. nothing else. play. what happens?
  2. alright i did that last night and im yet to have any problems in the amount of time that I usually would, so it seems to work. Thanks and hopefully it continues to work.
  3. good, I'm glad it's working.

    remember, if windows wants to install that HDMI driver don't let it. sometimes multiple sound drivers installed on the same machine interfere with each other ( seems so far to be the case here ).
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