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I just bought a 6950 for 100$ Was wondering is that a good buy? I wanted to get the 7850 but since i spent less money about 50$ was it worth it to go for 6950? I game at 1680x1050 what would really be the performance increase? Thank you.
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    Yes that's a good buy you didn't get screwed you came up lol congrats enjoy!Here the performance difference
  2. a 6950 for $100 is an awesome deal. enjoy man.
    i would have bought the 6950 blindly if it were $100 in my country but instead had to buy 7750 for $140 because my country likes to loot its people (india)
  3. Sorry but its not just in india... GPU are only good priced in the US... in Europe instead of a card of 200 $ US dollars u get the same here at europe for like 200€ (meaning 260 $ us dollars) sometimes more!
  4. ya in Israel a hd6770 is 140$ and a hd6950 is like 280$
    it's not fair.
  5. i wish i was in usa. could buy all of my favorite hardware at dirt cheap prices. $100 for 6950 is crazy good.
    for $100 in my country you only get a 6670 that too only ddr3 version not even ddr5.
    ddr5 is $120. shame utter shame.
  6. It was used if that helps you guys sorry to hear of your bad prices. Thank you.
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