What's my next upgrade or two?

Hey Gang,

I'm looking to upgrade my PC a bit. Far Cry runs and looks great but I'm looking to push it a little more. I'm a little out of touch, I'm just shifting back into PC gaming in a serious way.

So I could use some help. I'm assuming the 6gb of RAM is a bit of a bottle neck. Or would I be better served by getting a second 7770?

I'm looking to purely increase gaming performance.

Here's my current set up:

Intel i7 920 2.66GHZ
Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Motherboard
OCZ GOLD 6gb 3x2gb DDR3 RAM
Radeon HD 7770
Corsair TX750W Power Supply
Xigmatek Dark Knight 9 Cooler
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB
Antec Nine Hundred Case

Any help would be rad.
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  1. The 6gb is perfectly fine and moving to 8 won't get you any difference in gaming. The single thing that would make a difference would be upgrading the GPU. Crossfiring 7770's probably isnt the best plan as it wont increase performance in a number of games. I would just snag a 7870 or a 660ti and sell your 7770.
  2. Upgrading the RAM will not improve your gaming experiance in any way.
    What you need to do is overclock your CPU slightly without adding voltage.3.2 GHZ should be achieveable without the need of buying an aftermarket cooler.
    And secondly you really need a faster graphics card.
    Buying another HD 7770 will give you equal performance to a HD 7870 in Far Cry 3, but not all games support Crossfire, so its best to buy a single, powerfull graphics card instead.

    So yeah... if you can afford a HD 7870, then go for it.

    If not
  3. Cool thanks guys. I'll look at trading my 7770 up for a 7870.
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