Damn Stuttering...


I recently just bought a custom build PC and everything seems to work just fine apart from one really annoying thing...

Okay so this even happens on the desktop, every now and then the computer stutters and lags, I've noticed when I'm playing games this happens a lot more and I have no idea what could be causing it... I picked the computer up like 5 hours ago and so the parts are all new, any help would be really appreciated!


PC Specs:

i5 2500k (Stock)
GTX 660
Gigabyte H61MA-D3V
(having trouble clicking submit cause of stutter >_>)
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  1. I've tries updating drivers and updating windows, both of them are done but I still get this occasional stutter which gets much much worse when I go on a game!
  2. Ermmmm.... I plug two mice into my computer and the stuttering stops... Faulty motherboard?
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