What is the best Value Card for me?

My question is basically in the title, but to elaborate more on what I am looking for I will give you guys a list of games I want to be playing at what settings.

Game: League of Legends
Res: 1080p
fps Goal: constant 300+

Thats about it...lol. Oh, and I'd like to hook up 3 monitors to 1 video card. Thats about all my computing needs right there.

I am willing to spend anywhere up to $450. I've been looking at some GTX 680's lately but I don't know if thats overkill for what I actually need. I am trying to get the most out of my money for what I actually need this time instead of trying to get something "future proof".

Extra notes:

CPU: amd FX 8350 versha 4.0 ghz
RAM: 4x4gb 1600 ddr3
PSU: Rosewill lighting 1300w
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  1. Depending on which you prefer green team or red team i gave you recommendations for both lol. You don't need a 680 or 7970 a 670 or 7950 will do just fine for your needs and cost you less.
  2. Both 680 or a 7970 is good to go :).
  3. there no much dif between 670 n 680, very little, take the 670 as it more performance per price,
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