My new Graphics Card Not Detected?!

I just changed my GPU from Nvidia 9600GT to Sapphire Radeon HD 7850.

I did connect the GPU to the PSU, and Fan is running also, but the computer doesnt recognize it...

when i go to the device manager, it just says standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

Also when i connect my monitor to the GPU, it also doesnt recognize it, so im using Intel Graphics Family right now....

I think at one point, it did say Radeon 78XX series on the device manager, but its gone now...

what should i do...
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  1. You should retry putting the Graphics card into another slot. Also, make sure the power supply is plugged perfectly, either that, try another power supply cable.
    If everything is plugged in, then something must be wrong with the device manager :P
  2. If it doesn't show in the BIOS, than it may just be your graphics card.
  3. Were you wearing a ESD wrist strap? You might have to clear the CMOS. Have you updated to the graphics drivers for the Radeon 7850?
  4. 1. Put old GFX card back in
    2. Uninstall nVidia GFX drivers.
    3. Shut down PC, switch cards
    4. Boot
    5. Install nVidia drivers
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