PC Randomly Restarts

As the title says, my rig just randomly restarts. No errors, No BSOD just restarts. It happened to me once last night, thought it was no problem.
This morning it restarted twice consecutively after I logged into windows. Then my computer went on to freeze while using it, again no errors, had to force restart.

Not sure if its the CPU Overheating or the PSU going bad. Not sure any would go bad because I just replaced it recently.
I'm thinking it might be the PSU as that's what most people say (around google), though again, not sure.
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  1. Or could it be that 550W is not enough to power my rig?? Rig posted in sig.
  2. Does it happen while you're watching youtube videos or viewing pages with flash content and only then ? That's exactly why my current computer is having your exact same issue. I've replaced everything in my rig at this point, reinstalled windows 7 times and still no fix. :D ; Feel free to search google with me.
  3. It happens to me while gaming and sometimes while watching videos (VLC player for example) Haven't had it restart while on youtube though, but the browser was open when it restarted. Looking into another thread and its possible that the problem is the PSU.
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