Just got all the parts and builded my system:))) ur oppinion thx

Cpu: I5-3570k currently at 4.3Ghz stock voltages temperatures below 60 on stress
Mobo: Asrock z77 extreme4-m im realy happy about this one
Ram: corsair vengence low profile 4gb x 2
Cpu cooler: Hyper evo 212 great cooler for sure.
Psu: Corsair tx650 v2 bronze certified
Gpu: Gigabyte 7950
Ssd: OCZ vertex 4 128 Gb

Well it was the best configuration for my budget since i live in ireland...shipped all parts from UK to UK post box..got few parts for realy great price(brand new unopened) i5 3570k (185 eu included 10 eu shipping) , gigabyte 7950 260eu..so what do you think?had no time to push all to the limit since im on holidays and my gf on holidays...
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  1. That's all looking good. I'm jealous :) One thing with the mobo... did you get the micro ATX version of the Asrock z77 Extreme 4 for any reason? What's your case?
    4.3Ghz on the stock volts is good. Have you given it a big run in to test stability? I use Prime95

  2. Thx for a link dude...i took m version cuz im not planning sli.. I guess in few years there will be new stuff out and ill just build another and sell this one...did the same with my previous build..yes did a prime95 test..firstly was ok with 4.4Ghz at stock but stability test failed so i kept it at 4.3..had no time to do much stuff yesterday,gf was already mad that i finished 4 am lol
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