Wait, Kepler, SLI, or SLI and dedicated Physx card?

I just learned 2 terms: dedicated Physx. Im curious, I have a GTX 570 (MSI) thats discontinued. I was thinking of geting 2 680s and SLI it. I was thinking of keeping my 570 and using it as a PHYSx card?

Any thoughts? Waiting for next spring is a possibility also.
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  1. There is only a few games that use physx, running SLI + the 570, you are looking at a MB with 3 PCI-x at least 8x slots, massive power supply, massive heat, and in a lot of tests, pairing an older underpowered card with a highly powerful card (or 2), it actually performs worse because the older card bottlenecks it and you're better off letting the powerful card do the graphics and physx on its own, for the 3 games that use it. lol.
  2. It was a thought :) Thank you. I read an article that showed slower framerates but was curious. Im waiting to see if he 680s go on sale for Christmas. If not, I will wait till the spring to see what's new that comes out.
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