GeForce GTX 550 Ti vs Radeon HD 7770

GeForce GTX 550 Ti vs Radeon HD 7770
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    7770 newer, 28nm not 40nm so more power effecient, slighty faster but really you'd be better off spending the extra to get a 7850 as you get a lot more power for a little extra money.

    Alternately if money is a factor you could try getting a used 5850 or 6850 of eBay.
  2. I agree with them the 7850 isnt that much more expensive. 550 ti is a pretty weak card. Your better off just buying the new 650 ti. How much are you wanting to spend?
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    The 7850 is pretty much the absoulute best value in a GPU, but if you don't have the money, or your CPU or PSU is holding you back the 7770 will be much better than the 550 Ti.
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