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hey guys im new but i was just wondering im building my father a gaming pc and i can get the EVGA 780i FTW mobo and the q660 and a Thermaltake Bigwater 760i for $90 plus im going to get him 2x 8800gtx sli with the thermaltake tmg4 liquid waterblock for $100 on them is this a good deal and would it be able to pay BF3 would a 750w handle it its not for me though i currently have a Alienware aurora r4 with a 560 ti 2gb :kaola:
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  1. if your not going to over clock you don't need water cooling and yes it is recommended that you have at least a 700w psu so unless you you are going to be getting a i7 you should be good they take like i think 222 watts each at max use then the cpu will use 125w at the most. mobo will use around mabey 50w
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  3. thank you is it a good deal though all for $90
  4. wait you got all that stuff for 90 bucks like the mobo bigwater and the video cards or what
  5. everything but the videocards yes why
  6. is that bad
  7. no wtf the water cooling is 145 bucks alone where are you getting this stuff from
  8. my uncle
  9. yes its a very VERY good deal
  10. would you be interested in buying it
  11. no i want to but cant right now tnz for asking tho
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