Is this PC build compatible?

Hello, this is my first time building a PC and I wanted to make sure everything would work together or not. My budget was $700, and I feel I did a satisfactory job at picking the parts. So here's the build:

I am open to recommendations in the event that a part is incompatible. And if there isn't any problems, what kind of performance can I get out of this thing?
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  1. Your link contains nothing of a build.
  2. Dope! My bad! Here's the build(for rea this time!):
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    xxkrazykubanxx said:
    Dope! My bad! Here's the build(for rea this time!):

    As you won't be buying a overclockable CPU, then you can save Money on the MOBO. Get a B75 instead like

    It's very cheap and as you see, it has awesome performance.

    You neither need 16 GB of RAM. 8 GB would be MORE than enough for gaming.

    If you save upon those two then you might have enough Money to upgrade your GPU to a GTX 660 which will offer way better performance than the GTX 650 ti.
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  5. Thanks man, put in your recommendations and I managed to sneak in the gtx 660 without going over $700! :D
  6. I know it's 13.90$ above your budget. But take a look. This build ONLY features quality components. I would by this if were you.

    Hope it helped, good luck!
  7. Lol, u did the same thing as me. There isn't a build on the link. There should be a permalink somewhere on the page.
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