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Hello i would like to get some advice i am building my first own rig. I wanna play bf3 on max settings with this rig and black ops 2 on max. My budget is around 1000e. Sorry for bad english im from Finland.
Processor: i5 3570k already bought
Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty z77 Performance
Graphics card: Gtx 670, 7970 or 7950
Ram: G.Skill NT Series DDR3-1333 16 gb
Cpu cooler: Corsair h100i
Case: Fractal design core 3000
PSU: Dont know yet
Ssd: Intel 330 series 180gb
Hdd: I will be buying one later
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  1. -Get DDR 1600MHz
    -Get a brand name PSU at least 700Watts
    -The Mobo may be a little overboard, IMO
  2. Would this be a good psu? Corsair Gaming Series 700w
    What mobo woud you recommend?
  3. Corasir is good and 700W is good but if you plan to corssfire/sli later, it won't be enough power
    You can find a good motherboard that can do what you need for a bit cheaper
    Again get the 1600mhz DDR3, make sure its 2x8GB
    Graphics I would aim for the 7950 but if you can afford it the 7970
  4. How much power would crossfire 7950s need?
    Could you suggest any good mobo?
    okay i will get some 1600mhz memory but why 2x8gb why not 4x4gb?
  5. CF 7950 id be at 800W. 4x4GB is ok, ur mobo better have 4 slots to begin with otherwise its really crap or its not ATX
  6. well 2x8gb costs about the same but leaves more options later on
    Is there a site where we can see what the pricing and stuff is like in Finalnd?
    Yeah I agree 800W is about right for CF7950
  7. Would this be a good psu then? Thermaltake Smart Modular 80 + Gold 850w
  8. I will be ording my parts from a store in germany called mindfactory
  9. Thermaltake is a bit iffy and unreliable at times
    I have a Thermal take 430W that has been going fine for years but other have had failed ones
    I would look for brands like crosair, antec, seasonic, xfx
  10. okay
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