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Can I put a graphics card in my BRAND NEW DV7?

I have a HP DV7-7133nr w/3610QM processor at 2.3 Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 750Gb 5400 rpm HDD, w/Intel HD 4000 graphics which was bought in September of 2012, so its BRAND NEW. I was wondering if I can upgrade to another graphics chip, something like the Nvidia GT 650m or better. Something for around 150-250$. What makes me think I can put a graphics card is that my little brother has a DV4000 with a Nvidia GT630m with 2 GB memory that came factory, and he has Intel HD 4000 graphics also. And his computer is also brand new. So if he can have a Nvidia graphics card why can't I? Also If it is possible to put more graphics on my PC, is it that hard to do? Does it require someone really talented? And can anyone lead me to a site that might have the installation specifications?

By the way I haven't played a game yet that the Intel HD graphics 4000 cannot handle. Maybe it is due to the fact that I have a pretty awesome quad core processor and the graphics are integrated to my PC. I play Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (the new one) a lot. And I play it on the best graphics setting possible (higher than high) and it performs without a hickup. Now I don't have many games besides Transformers, Oblivion, and COD 4 but those are fairly new games (esp. Transformers) and I do not see why so many people hate on Intel HD graphics 4000 so much cause to me Transformers seems like it demands some pretty good graphics. But since I have a little extra money and want to score a little higher on benchmarks and want to play higher demanding games I want to upgrade. Can someone help me out? I can't find ANYTHING online!!
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  1. Sorry, it's impossible to upgrade a graphics card in such laptop. Only select few, high end laptops have this option.
  2. I am wondering how then, does my brother have basically the same laptop as I do but has the Nvidia GT 630m installed on his laptop. So he has 2 graphics (intel 4000 HD integrated/Nvidia GT 630m). Can they only do this from the factory? It seems like if they do this from the factory we should be able to do it at home.
  3. It seems like they are the same from the outside, but if you take them apart, you'd see that totally different motherboards are used, and your laptop does not have a graphics card slot where your brothers graphics card is in.
  4. Unfortunately, Sunius is right. Laptops are horrendously difficult to upgrade, and often flat out impossible. Basically, the only things that are consistently upgradeable in laptops are memory and disk drives. Even something like a CPU upgrade, that should be a drop in replacement, can quickly turn into a nightmare.
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    Yes you can... it's not really hard but rather tedious.

    If it used the UM77 chipset you'd be sol but luckily it has the HM77...
  6. you bought this in September, as you told if you gonna upgrade your graphic chip your warranty will be void.

    you can get it changed from a laptop repair professional...
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