will nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti can play nfs run and battlefield 3 at medium settings with better fps(40+)
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  1. Depends on the rest of the computer, if you have at least a fast dual-core (2.8 gig or higher) you should be able to play those at medium settings at good frame rates.
  2. depends on rest of system, and resolution as well.
  3. core2duo e7500 2.93ghz 8gb ram 1333mhz gigabyte G41 motherboard 500 watt smps

    will radeon 6850 do better than nvidia 550ti gtx with this configuration.

  4. assuming you are buying it new, the 7770 is officially a better card than the 6850(at the same price) after 12.11 "Never settle" driver increased the performance of the Radeon 7k series in several titles. Its also lighter on the power supply compared to both cards.

    comparing the 6850 to the 550ti, the 6850 is generally better, but can lose out to the 550ti on certain DX11 titles, as for some reason, the 68xx series doesn't handle DX11 as well as its future counterpart.
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