Can my system use RAM as a storage for video memory?

Hello i need you to ask something, past weekend i ask this :

Hi, people i want to buy MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozr III OC, i want to play Skyrim with HD Textures, ENB and other mods. AND I want to play Battlefield 3 and GTA 5 when it comes.
My question is can i play Skyrim with ENB and HD textures with MSI GTX 680 2gb .
I wanted to buy the 4GB version but it doesen`t have in my country what to do? Buy in newegg or what?
My specs
6GB 1333
Corsair GS 700W

and one user responde me with this:

It will be fine to use the 2gb version your system ram can be used as a store for the GPU. Tyrannicon on youtube as a s**t load of texture mods on a 560ti which is at most 2gb so you are fine. If you really want 4gb you might have to buy an EVGA, pov, zotac or gainward card. But you will be fine with a 2gb card.. :o

Is it truth ? Can i use my RAM as a storage ofor GPU Memory?

Respond me please thanks!
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  1. Yes, but it doesn't make a difference in performance and isn't recommended.
    And your graphics card should be able to run everything at pretty high settings.
  2. I have a gtx 680 2 gig, although i don't have skyrim, I can play GW2 with everything turned to max with supersampling on playing at 6040x1200 res and it never uses more than 1400MBs. I couldn't imagine you having any issues with ram if you are only playing at 1080p.
  3. Think I'll just go for SLI then.... Thanks.
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