Which of these two cards is better, and why?

I'm looking at cards on Newegg and I found these two, which I think are my best options. I'm cheap, and I have a $90 newegg gift card, so I'm trying to spend like sub $130 including the gift card.

I basically play non-demanding online games(such as combat arms), play games when they come out(such as borderlands 2) and do Photoshop CS6 design. I know these aren't fantastic, but they will be a step up from my 5770.

Specs, if relevant:
16GB of 1600 ddr3 ram
AMD 770 series MOBO
Phenom II x4 quad 3.4 OC'd to 4.0
CM v8 CPU cooler
Ample air flow and cooling fans
OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD boot drive
assorted storage drives

Thank you!
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    He listed the regular GTX650, not the Ti from the article you posted.

    My vote goes for the 7770.
  2. No it doesn't the review you link to is for the 650Ti not the 650 which is closer to the 7750. The 7770 is much better.
    This was a response to swifty.
  3. The Radeon HD 7770 outperforms the GeForce GTX 650:

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  5. Thank you everyone! The 7770 looks like it's the best :)
  6. wow, guess you missed the link in my thread ? you're not paying attention,
  7. Because the link was for the 650Ti, not the 650.
  8. hmm not sure it's worth it really...
    5770 has like 80% of the performance of a 7770. Though this was at the launch of the 7770 so the gap has gotten bigger with driver updates. Too bad TPU has dropped 5770 from the list in recent reviews..
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