Xfx gtx 285 black edition prob

hey guys when i am playing games like crysis 2 and even boderlands 2 and many more my screen keeps going blank for sometime and then the game crashes and sometimes says my display driver has stopped working and has recovered.... Before the game crashes the games run really very smooth have even tried to lower the graphics but no use.... anyone else facing this any solution to this??
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  1. Age of the card, your trying to play Graphic dependent games with an outdated card.
    If you don't want to get a new card, roll back your drivers.
  2. any idea which one should i go back to?? and when i run ghost recon future soldier it works perfectly so does darksiders 2....
  3. How long does the game run for before crashing. Have you checked your temps? It's either your card slowly dying or a driver problem. If your temps are within normal range download the latest driver and also download driver sweeper, reboot into safe mode and uninstall your old drivers using driver sweeper then reboot into windows and install the latest. See if that helps. Good luck
  4. tried driver sweeper with the latest drivers... if the card is dying how come ghost recon future soldier works fine with no issues and so also darksiders 2 and games like borderlands 2 also crashes...
  5. i mean ghost recon and darksiders 2 work while borderlands 2 doesnt..
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