New mb,cpu,ram,psu..replaced..still PC wont boot

Brought a new m5a88-m motherboard+fx 6100 cpu+ 8 gb g.skill ram+HD 6790 GC+seasonic 620 watts power supply.

Everything went smooth for a week.Then Started getting BSOD,found it was the it replaced.Workd fine for a day,then my computer just would not post.Just the green lights on the motherboard and fans keep running.
Replaced the motherboard and the PSU.but still the same issue.
Been 3 months having a dead comp.
Help me..
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  1. Seems like the only thing left is the hard drive lol.
  2. Lol..thanks for figuring out..I forgot to mention I even replaced the hard drive 500 GB WD..
  3. Well ...this site is lucky,,I just posted this ...and bread boarded my system..
    Guess what..It worked....It breezily running now...
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    Breadboarding any new build is good practice. First thing I do (except basics) with any problem/new build.
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