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Currently I believe my hd directv dvr is connected to a powerline ethernet adapter. There is one connected to my router and one connected to the dvr. But I was thinking of connecting the internet to my blurry player too for netflix. So how would I do this since the adapter only has one line out of it? Would I connect another ethernet cable to the bottom of the dvr assuming there is a slot then that to the blu ray player? Would an ethernet port switch be what I need to add lines to the adapter? If so would it connect to the dvr then out of the dvr to the port switch then to the blu ray or from the adapter to a switch then to each? Btw dvr and blu ray are side by side. If i need a port switch any recommendations from best buy or radio shack that are good but cheap?
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    An Ethernet switch is probably the easiest solution. Just about any inexpensive switch will do a good job.
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