Problems with hd 4000

Hi there ,
I have a problem launching some games on my PC , specs :
inte i7-3770k CPU
180 GB SSD + 1 TB @ 7200 HD.
8GB RAM 1600 MHZ

I dont have any other GPU only the hd 4000 ,,,, I have a problem launching amazing spiderman it shows a launcher at the beginning to set your graphic settings for the game , and I cant launch it even on the lowest setting .... same problem with GTA IV game ... I can run only small games such as angry birds and so ... help !!

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  1. First, make sure the games can run on your operating system. Make sure you have all the drivers installed for the hardware from the PC or motherboard vendor.
  2. HD 4000 drivers are something you need to update. I tried laucnhing bf3 with the old version and it just wouldn't launch or play. After update, BF3 plays 30-40 fps on low and at 1280x768 res. Vary capable iGPU
  3. I got the latest drive for the hd 4000 ... and that does not help at all ...
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