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Hey guys i built a 1600$ AMD build and was pretty good and i used the AMD FX4170 overclocked. Anyways i wanted to build a 3500-4000$ build i know that AMD is eh when you build high priced systems. But this is what i was looking to do.. let me know feedback please

3x 7970 3gb cards = 9GB
120gb ssd x2 raid 0
1tb wc black
liquid cooling for cpu and gpu
1200w psu
16gb ddr3 1866mhz ram

thats what i have started with right now... should be a fun build but im looking into intel also AMD is fun because not many people have an AMD build, and i think its cool and different!
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  1. thats fine you would probaly get alot more performance from a intel build but as more games utilise more cores that may not be the case in the future so i would stick with AMD if you want something unique.
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