Which Graphics Card Should I Get?

Hello, my PC specifications are:

ASROCK 970 Extreme 3
750W PSU
Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor 2.80 GHz
4GB RAM (memory)

I currently am using a very poor, AMD Graphics card which needs upgrading for my gaming. I don't want to spend anymore than £100 or Near enough. I have looked at the Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770 and Feel It is Good, but I was wondering if i can do better? My AMD graphics card name is AMD 6450 and i have two of them. When i first got the computer with them in it my fps (frames per second/frame rates) was higher than it is now, it was always above 150 or so, now it's experienced large fps drops and i don't know why, i thought it was the game but it might not of been idk.

I don't know if im able to get Nvidia Graphics cards or if i should, or i should just stick with AMD because thats what i have. For the AMD Graphics cards the Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770 for £110 seems to be the best, but i dont want to experience fps drops and i hear that some people do have fps drops with AMD cards, i did as said earlier. So basically i want the best card for gaming with nice graphics an highish frame rates, please suggest me what i should buy, NVIDIA or AMD I dont mind provided i can use them.

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  1. Before you buy a new card, uninstall and re-install the drivers for the cards you have now. Not sure what game you are playing that you are getting 150 fps in, but that's a bit of an overkill. If it' plays at 60 or so, you are fine without a new card.
  2. I play a game called Crossfire that's similar to Counter Strike in Graphics but now i will be changing games and will want a much better graphics card, i just want to know, whats the best possible graphics card i can get basically thats AMD or NVIDIA as long as it fits into the computer an works fine, that is around £100 or so, Thanks!
  3. If you were getting 150fps in a game, and now, on the same game with the same settings you get poor fps, sounds like you've got the CCC cranked up alongside the game your playing.
    Or bad drivers.
    Or a fragmented hard drive.

    But, if you are looking for a new graphics card, there are a couple from Scan that look to be pretty good.

    7750 - £82 including shipping: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-xfx-radeon-hd-7750-ghost-thermal-4500mhz-gddr5-28nm-gpu-800mhz-512-cores-hdmi-d-sub-dual-link-dv

    7770 - £95 including shipping (Dual-fan design. Costs the same as a single fan design): http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-xfx-radeon-hd-7770-dd-core-edition-4500mhz-gddr5-28nm-gpu-1000mhz-640-cores-displayport-dual-lin

    My advice? Wait a couple of months. IIRC, AMD will be releasing their high-end 8xxx cards late winter/early spring, so the 7xxx series could drop in price.

    Although, if you do tell what the game your playing is, that would be good to know for diagnostics.
  4. im going to be playing Starwars: The Old Republic when it comes out in November to Free-To-Play, i just want a nice graphics card that can run that game on good high graphics thats reliable, an will last a long time with out issues, for around £100 or near enough :D

    problem isn't the drivers, the computers less than a year old so i wouldn't see why it would be fragmented HD either, an idk what you mean by CCC cranked up alongside the game xD (im a newbie^^)
  5. A 7770 will run Star Wars just fine, my wife plays it on our system with an nVidia 9800gt on med-high settings with 4x AA with no issues. The 7770 is quite a bit faster than my card.
  6. I love the 7770, they are a great value, and they take an amazingly low amount of power so they run really cool.
  7. oh great, ill get the 7770 then :D
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