HELP! My keyboard and mouse don't work

I restarted my computer because it froze.
And when I rebooted it the mouse and the keyboard don't work.
Both my mouse and keyboard are wired and USB.
I have looked every where and found no solution.
I need help.
And NO I do NOT have a ps/2 slot.

I am not techy at all so please explain your steps as easy as possible.
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  1. Have you unplugged and re-plugged the mouse and keyboard? When you do there should be a beep.

    Did the system mention not detecting mouse or keyboard during boot?

    Have you tried a different mouse and keyboard?
  2. I have Tryed unplugging and replugging multiple times. I dont hear a beep. I tryed 1 other mouse and that didnt work either. And I can't get the. Monitor to turn on because I can't activate it by moving the mouse or pressing a key.
  3. The monitor should turn on when you first turn on the computer.
  4. It has power. But nothing comes on the screen. When I press the buttons on the monitor it says "analog input, in power save mode, press computer power button or any key on keyboard or move mouse"
  5. Your PC is failing it's Power On Self Test (post) in a way that does not let it recover.

    If it could get a little farther it would be able to BEEP, and would tell you the failing part by beep codes. (google beep codes)

    Before you do anything else, unplug the PC from the wall and let it sit 3 misn for the capacitors to drain. The power switch on a PC just sends a signal -- the actual power is always on. By unplugging you are forcing the system to reload it's lowest level firmware. Sometimes that resets things. Usually not, but worth trying.

    Standard debugging is to pull parts until the PC is able to beep, then add the parts back in until it's no longer able to beep. Suspect the last part you reinstall. It's not unusual to replace all the parts and have the PC work -- sometimes just re-seating the part fixes the problem.

    Start by power off, open case. Remove PCI cards if any (typically video card) there is a catch near the back of the PCIe slot you need to push with your finger to remove video.
    Then power up and see if it beeps. Teh beep will mean no video. No beep means you still have a problem. If no beep leave the video card out and continue.

    Next pull memory. In some cases you need to move the optical drive cage first -- your manual will tell you how to remove memory. If the PC beeps then add back memory one dimm at a time. If no beep then leave memory out and remove disk signal and power connects from DVD and hard drive.

    Post if you need more details or have questions.
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