Can i runn it?

Hey all .. :) So i just wonder can i runn this video card on my system?
This is GTX550 TI .

My system is :
CPU: Intel core 2 duo e6550 OC to 2.8GHz
RAM: 5GB Dual channel DDR2
HDD: 1 TB seagate sata II 32Mb
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
GPU ( current ): AMD Gigabyte Redeon HD6670 1Gb GDDR3 128Bit
PSU: Micase stock 350w, i can put the PSU foto in here but dont now how please advice me if you can.. :) ))
This PSU was running Nvidia 9800GT on my system with no problems.. :) I haved it since this one.. :)

So if you can tell me do i need a new PSU if i wanna add this new GTX550Ti card? :)
And do my system will not slow back down the current GPU? if i will add it.
Wer thanx for repply
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  1. if you want to do high end gaming you really need a good quality PSU/power supply of around 500W+, or so im told xD Good PSU's to go for are Coolmasters or Corsair that ive used. idk about the graphics card sry but i know thats a fairly good graphics card an that you would probably have to upgrade your PSU to say 650W to be safe.
  2. i think so 2.. but do i realy need it.. it all depends of my budget cap..
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