Occasinal white artifacts after updating to 12.10.

Since I've updated to the new drivers (12.10) a few days ago from 12.8 every once in a great while (maybe like 5 times all together) I see these white lines flash for a split second. I read in a different forum one other person mentioning a similar thing. I'm just wondering how common this small issue really is. I was afraid it was my GPU for while.
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  1. install 12.11
  2. The post 12.8 drivers seem to be having some issues with certain games. Skyrim, for example will artifact heavily on any driver newer than 12.8 if I don't switch the AA mode to supersampling in CCC. My advice is rollback to 12.8 if you don't need the performance gains that 12.9 Beta or 12.11 Beta provide.
  3. I'd suggest going back to 12.8. I decided to upgrade my drivers the other day and it caused nothing but problems and resulted in wasting half a day of testing and eventual roll backs. (overclocked crossfire 6950's)

    The biggest problem I ran into were the fact that my overclocks were no longer stable. Games would get stutttering lag spikes/artifacts at certain times. and just a general lack of performance over the previous drivers.

    Of course the performance increases are based on what gpu you have the 7000 series will see more performance per driver update than the 6000 series. Once the drivers and performance start to balance out it's best to find a driver that works for you and stick with it.

    Only reason to upgrade is for new features you can't live without and new games that wont run with your chosen driver build
  4. How do you rollback your video drivers exactly? Does screen res, advanced settings, adapter, properties, driver, then roll back driver do it or is there another way? The dates aren't right which is why I'm wondering.
  5. well that must not have been it, I did that, rebooted and CCC keep closing. I went back there and clicked update and now it's working again at 12.10, it's not really a big deal so I'm just going to keep them I think. They work and thats what's most important :D
  6. any way, if someone could tell me the correct way to roll back drivers it wouldn't be a bad thing for me to know how to do.
  7. aah excellent thanks man.
  8. One last thing, if I do decide to roll back to 12.8 is it good practice to uninstall my current drivers first? I never uninstall before upgrading to the newest version.
  9. Sometimes it is good practice to do so. When I encountered artifacting problems with the 12.9 Beta driver, just reinstalling 12.8 over 12.9 Beta didn't fix it. I had to use driversweeper to clean up the mess and do a clean installation of 12.8 before the problem was fixed.
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