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hi all

Normally connecting HDMI from my big screen TV to the laptop results in automatic dual-mode display, and the audio shifts to the TV. I have now had two siutations where making the same connection resulted in only 'extending' the laptop view, thus creating "side by side' laptop views (i.e. extending the laptop view sideways across two monitors). I want to duplicate not extend. This is really annoying, you only do this when you want to see something like Excel and Word on two separate monitors.

Last time this happened I deleted one or both the Intel and Nvidia drivers, unfortunetely I cannot recall... however the problem was fixed. This time however it is still not working. I can't duplicate (i.e. same view on both laptop and monitor). ALSO note, when I connect the HDMI, the Nvidia (and Windows "change display window) control panel shows THREE monitors; the laptop display shows as both 'laptop' and 'analo'g'.... it's like the single laptop display is somehow seen by Windows/video as TWO monitors. The graphic icon shows 1/2 for the ONE laptop display, and shows '3' for the big screen.
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  1. Right click desktop > screen resolution. There will be a multiple monitor option to either extend or duplicate.

    Since you deleted the drivers instead of uninstalling them, I would suggest running driver sweeper and reinstalling the drivers.
  2. Thanks for your reply. but its only giving me the option to duplicate 1/2 which is showing on the same scrceen, if i identify my laptop shows as 1/2 and 3 is my tv
  3. for some reason windows thinks my laptop screen is 2 screens. anologu and laptop display. showing them as 1/2
  4. Run driver sweeper.
  5. i uninstalled both drivers for the nvidia and intel cards but still have the same problem
  6. same situation
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