Whats going on ._.

Well ive built a new computer around 2 months ago with a 560 ti, and i have to say its doing me good :P

But anyways the screen froze multiple times (around 6) and each time it froze either the whole screen would be filled wit cupes of random colors or something around those lines.
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  1. Looks like a bad card.
  2. Re-Seat the graphics card, I had the same issue with 2 Card in SLI, and i noticed the back of one of the cards was out just a little and once i re-seated it my problems were solved.
  3. Its probably the GPU, but it could be a whole host of other problems (mobo, bad ram, etc.). Is there any way to repeat the error? Also, just for funsies make sure all your drivers are up to date.
  4. Re-seat the graphics card?
    Do you mean like push it in the pci slot more? explain

    Edgewood the problem will most likely repeat in a few days time, ( no power due to the hurricane)
  5. re-seat means take out the card from it slot and then put it back firmly...
    what is your current PSU?
  6. 600 Watt OCZ 80+ certified modular power supply
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