Win + E Shortcut and ALT key do not work right


i have a problem that i had since the previous build (i7 950, ASUS P6T SE, 12gb...). I changed build to i7 3770k, ASrock Extreme 4, 32gb, and i though that i would solve this thing. After a fresh install of Win 7 Ult. 64 bit, the shortcut Win + E still does not work, tho the registry entries are all good. And the ALT key acts like as if it is a togle on of button. I notice that in ADOBE programs (Photoshop or illustrator), if i tap the ALT to execute a shortcut command, i have to tap it twice to "release" the presue and use it to ZOOM in and out after holding it...

The thing is stil usable, but bothering tbh... especialy cos i can't open EXPLORER.

I have a Logitech G15 keyboard, wired through USB port, but as i said, it was already doing this before.

Any suggestions?

Thank you
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  1. Does the keyboard have it's own drivers? Try installing or reinstalling those. Try using the standard windows keyboard driver. If none of that is working then it has to be a faulty keyboard, I can't see any other option to take there but replacing keyboard.
  2. I try'd that, tho i haven't try'd a new keyboard. Will post, thanks
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