I just built a computer, it won't turn on.

Yesterday I put together my computer parts I bought myself for christmas and it doesn't turn on. I went through the standard check list at least 10 times and I have everything plugged in correctly. I even tested the power supply and that is not the problem. Then I went and returned the motherboard and got a brand new one and the computer still won't do anything. I tried starting it without the video card and with only 1 stick of RAM also. I have a motherboard speaker and it doesn't beep or anything. I am stuck and don't know what to do.
-intel core ivy bridge i5 3.4ghz
-16gb patriot sniper RAM 1600mhz
-240gb Intel 330 series SSD
-Msi H77MA-G43 motherboard
-Zalman z11 Mid tower
-Apevia 700w power supply
-Sapphire radeon HD 6870 1GB
-Cooler master hyper 212 CPU fan
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  1. If nothing at all is happening (no lights, beeps, fans) then you aren't getting power. power switch, cabling, PSU could all be suspects.
  2. When u installed the mobo did u use the correct number of stand offs? maybe the mobos sitting on an extra one
  3. I've checked everything, reinstalled the mobo, even got a new mobo and a new power supply. Still no lights come on or anything. I'm completely lost because I helped my friend built one a few months ago and we had no problems.
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    Well I found the problem. I had a broken power supply AND the wires on my case were broken....what are the chances of that...
  5. That sucks, man. It's a nightmare to troubleshoot when you have 2 problems at once. Glad you finally got it traced.
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