Problems installing programs/freezing

I just built my computer, spces are

Windows 7 64 bit
I7 920
Radieon 5850
ASRock X58 Extreme
6 gb ddr3
Thermal take TR2-600w
western digital 750gb hd

I had a MSI mobo before but had a broken ram slot so I sent it back, but was using it fine for a week, everything worked perfect accept for the ram. but I ended up sending it back for the ASRock, put everything back together and the windows 7 64 bit that I had installed just fine a week before wont install, I end up having to take out two of the ram sticks to install it.

So it gets installed and then I start adding programs, but it will only let me add certain ones.

the programs I have installed so far are:
vlc player,

programs that I haven't been able to install,
Steam launcher
Microsoft Office

It gives me an NSIS error every time, but since it is happening with almost everything I try to use I think its not the files I'm trying to install.

Also every once in a while it will say that explorer has crashed and will close all of the windows I have open, but I am still able to use the computer after a few seconds.

Also every once in a while, for no reason the computer screen will go a grey color with faint horizontal lines and the speakers will start buzzing if there was sound coming out of them. If left alone in this state the computer eventually reboots.
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  1. Explorer restarts automatically, so thats why you can use it again a few seconds after the error. As for the grey screen, you might wanna check behind the display for loose ribbons/plugs connected to your lcd.
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