American greetings creatacard gold for windows 7

I had create card gold 3 and LOVED LOVED it now I have windows 8 and of curse it does not work. Are there any create card programs that o work with windows 8? and if so where can I purchase them

Thank you
Valerie DeFalco
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  1. No, the product you are looking for does not exist. Sorry.

    there are a lot of them, just pick one...unfortunately you pick one first that isnt reliable with 8
  3. Note, that none of those are American Greetings Creatacard, but are competing products.

    You can go to their website and create/print some cards:
  4. Create a virtual machine within Windows 7, install Windows XP on this virtual machine then install Creatacard in Windows XP. Use USB (stick or portable HDD) to transfer any saved data files into the appropriate folder.

    This works with VMWare Workstation but it is an expensive option. There are free alternatives that you can try (Google 'virtual machine free software')
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