Wrong GPU Configurations?

I just installed Windows 7 OEM on a new PC with an Intel G850 and an AMD 7770 (PCI 3). When I installed the drivers a message came up saying "wrong gpu configuration". Why is it saying this? I am getting low fps in games like minecraft, only 19fps in singleplayer and multiplayer. My motherboard is an AsRock H77 Pro4-mvp. I have a CX500W PSU.
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  1. Sounds like a AMD Driver conflict
  2. The error came up before I installed any drivers for the AMD. The driver I installed for the GPU was from the CD because whenever I tried downloading it from the site I got another error about downloading, that's not the case though. Is the graphics card defected or something? It shows up after I install the driver
  3. No, u may have not done it correctly
  4. What do you mean?
  5. Another thing I forgot to mention was that the Power Supply's 24pin would not go click into the 24pin socket on the motherboard, I pushed it down all the way but it still won't click. Could this be what's causing the problem?
  6. Well you always need to have your 24 pin properly plugged into your motherboard but i doubt thats the issue. What i'm thinking is your system is trying to use the onboard graphics.. AMD Drivers are ***
  7. Hi!.
    I've got the same message (wrong GPU Configuration) since yesterday. the funny thing is that between october and december LucidLogix Virtu MVP worked fine, until i updated the BIOS. I believe is the new BIOS impairing the hybrid functionality (integrated GPU + discrete graphic card). When i connect the display to the motherboard, it doesn't recognize the discrete graphic card, and with the display connected to discrete card, i've got the "wrong GPU Configuration" message.
  8. And why did you update your BIOS? Roll back to the previous BIOS...Don't update your BIOS unless you have a hardware issue
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