HOW to connect laptop to desktop computer using simple cable

I have laptop or desktop both computers and i want to share my desktop matter in my laptop or laptop matter in my desktop without using any modem by the using of a simple cores cable please tell me how i can handle it..
i am waiting for your response thank-you..............
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  1. Not sure what a "simple cores cable" is but there are ways to do this. It depends on what OS you are using. Different cables are required for different methods.

    If Win XP or before:

    for Vista/7:

    for unix/linux/mac: I don't have experience doing this on those OSs but there are probably ways.

    Since these require special cables it may be easier and/or cheaper to get a thumb drive or external hard drive to do this with. A simple hub and basic cat 5/5e/6 cable can be used also.
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