Hd 7850 or gtx 660 non ti?

So i am looking for a new graphics card for my rig. $370 nzd is my current buget and i have set my sights on two cards.
Gigabyte GV-N660OC-2GD Overclocked GTX 660 2GB GDDR5-$370
Gigabyte GV-R785OC-2GD Overclocked HD 7850 2GB DDR5-$330
My question is what would you choose in my position and what is actually better?
I hope to play bf3 at high/ultra settings with 50+ fps
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    According to this, either of them will get you 50FPS at Ultra. Though the 660 comes out ahead.

    With newer driver updates, you can expect even better performance than that.
  2. It depends if you want to spend more. The 660 is more on the level of the 7870. The 660 is better but also more expensive. You decide if $30 is worth it.
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