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Is a Radeon 5870 a bottleneck in a system having i7 980X processor, like my own system?

If yes, which GPU currently available should I upgrade to so as to completely remove the bottleneck..?

I play games on a single monitor at 1920x1080p resolutions (may be at ultra hd if I change my monitor later)..have a 1000W PSU..PCI express 2.0 x16...and price no bar..and would prefer dual gpu cards...
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  1. It's not a bottleneck, it's more like an unbalanced system.
    For gaming systems, usually the gpu costs twice that of the cpu.
    u could go with the GTX 690 if u prefer
  2. I would go for ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Platinum 3 GB or ASUS GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP if you prefer a little cheaper i would highly recommend MSI GTX 670 Power Edition Twin Frozr IV 2 GB or Sapphire HD 7950 Vapor-X 3 GB
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