Gtx 550 ti lag

hi there, i just wanna ask why are my games lagging on a gtx 550 ti? my screen resolution is 1366x768

Intel Pentium e5800 overclocked at 3.3 ghz
Gigabyte GA-G41M Combo
Windows 7 32 bit
4 gb ddr3 RAM
Palit geforce GTX 550 ti
Thermaltake Litepower 600w
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  1. What games? I ask because you have a dual core CPU and not all games will run smooth on one. The resolution is low as well, but the GTX550TI doesn't have the power if you are maxing everything out (like everything up and 8xAA).
  2. that's what my monitor can handle, and i play games like assassin's creed...
  3. And?
  4. crysis 2, skyrim
  5. I can see this is going to be difficult...

    What about the settings? Are you using 8xAA? Take a quick look at this.

    Lowest res they use is 1600x900. Its bigger then your 1024x768, but they probably use a faster CPU as well so depending on your system it might be close to what you get. The 550TI is not a monster gamer. It gets barely 30FPS in a game you mentioned. That's why I asked the questions I did in my first post. GTX550TI having problems? Not a big surprise if you are playing recent games at high settings.
  6. actually it's 1366x768... i was expecting that it will get better than that since my res is lower...
  7. and i only use 4xaa for good measure...
  8. or maybe it's because i use the vga port of the card? should i buy an dvi adaptor?
  9. VGA, DVI, won't make a difference.

    If you give us some system specs and game settings we can get a better idea about whats going on.
  10. already up there.
  11. Quote:
    and game settings

    I swear I'm about done with this thread. Hoping for a single post where we can get real details. Guess thats not going to happen.

    I still feel its normal behavior for your 550. I've already said why as well.
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