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I just purchased a Cooler Master Cosmos case and I would like to do an AMD build to host 6 to 8 VMs on.

1, Windows Server 2008 (Running IIS)
2, Windows Server 208 (Running SQL Server)
3, FreeBSD (Running Apache)
4, FreeBSD (Running MySQL)
5, Ubuntu (Basic Linux Desktop config)
6, Windows XP (Used w/ a thin client for daughter to boot into)
7, OS Unknown (Used as a file server w/ 6 1TB hard drives)
8, Oracle Linux

Plus maybe 2 or 3 more for testing applications on older operating systems or configurations.

I was thinking an AMD opteron (8 cores) and 32GB ram would do the trick. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm worried about spending 2k on a setup and finding out it's not compatible w/ ESXI.

Can anyone share their AMD builds which would support what I'm trying to do?
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  1. Your stated rig should be compatible with ESXi. That said, I'd either contact VMWare or someone from a VMUG to confirm. As a Systems Administrator, I haven't seen an Opteron configuration unsupported by VMWare.
  2. Thank you. What is the rule of thumb for VMs per CPU cores

    Is it 1 core for VM or could I host 12 VMs on an 8 core CPU?
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