6490m any good?


My laptop has a 6490m radeon graphics card. I'm thinking about getting a desktop on christmas. The problem is, I can't find any desktop graphics card that are comparing to the 6490m. What desktop graphics card is comparable so I know which other cards may be better?

I've been looking at the desktop radeon 7750 and 7850. Are those better than my laptops 6490m?


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  1. Pretty much any desktop graphics card is way better than the 6490m, even the hd 4000 integrated is likely better. the 7850 should be much much faster.
  2. :O?
  3. Heres how AMD graphics cards work.. The first number 5xxx,6xxx,7xxx, just tells you what generation they are and how new they are. the next 3 numbers are their performance, so your GPU for your laptop is SUPER low. so basically if your running a 6490, a 6550 would be better (just random numbers). look at 7770's and up if you wanna play games
  4. a good price for 7770's is around $100 if you can find em that cheap just to give you a little perspective
  5. but yea, any graphics card you get over $20 will be better than a 6490. If you dont even plan on gaming. You most likely wont even need a GPU because most motherboards and many CPU's have them built if your just going to use the desktop for everyday use.
  6. hmm i hope i get a few more opinions on this :P
  7. Yes. Pretty much anything is better.
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