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what card will go better with q6600 stock cant oc gtx 560 non ti hd 6870 hd 6850 gtx 650ti sapphire hd 7850 ? i noticed that the sapphire 7850 is alot cheaper than other 7850 why ? and what about powercolor cards
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  1. No to powercolor yes to sapphire 7850
  2. what about the other cards
  3. 7850, no comparison
  4. Agree with the rest. 7850. Sapphire, personally
  5. can one of you show why the 7850 is the best
  6. This

    and this

    Plus, AMD's new 12.11 driver has improved their 7000 lineup and as a result, 7850s are on par with 660s(non-ti), even in battlefield 3. Plus, the 7850 has more overclocking headroom than the other cards in your posts
  7. its the most bang for the buck card in the graphics card market right now thats why the 7850.
    i too second sapphire. its a good brand and i have owned 2 sapphire cards until now with no problems at all.
    good design and good cooling alsi sapphire select club free membership and lots more.
  8. thnx man
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