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No display & fan stopped working. (POWERCOLOR ATI RADEON HD 7750 1GB DDR5)?

October 27, 2012 3:08:44 PM


I was playing Dard siders 2. Suddenly I got a call in my mobile. So I left the game running w/o pausing and attended the call. Suddenly I saw my monitor screen went off. I checked the power connections, VGA cable connection b/w the monitor & the CPU. They were all fine. I just can't see anything in the monitor. The monitor LED is showing the status of "no i/p"(LED going on & off). I got confused and tried forced shutdown & restarted the machine. Everything is perfectly normal. Even the beep sound from CPU. But still there is no display. I was wondering whether the problem could be with the graphics card. And later i confirmed it. I found it lying dead inside the cabinet. The fan is not running. Hence I changed the VGA cable from the GPU port to Motherboard VGA port. I saw the machine is ready for login in the monitor screen. Therefore I decided that there is no issues any other components inside the cabinet. I still had a doubt in the PCI slot of the motherboard, Hence I swapped the GPU with another standy GPU ati radeon hd 5450 which i was using before. I got the display from this card too.

Finally I concluded that the problem is with GPU only.

I was shocked since I bought this card for 7500/- INR last month only. Even I changed My PSU which provides 450 Watts, added 4 GB of additional RAM & a additonal CPU fan.

I still dont understand what has caused this failure. I removed the card to see any H/W faults. But there is nothing in the card. It still looks good. When I reseat the card & turn the power on. The fan starts to rotate & stops immediately(spins less than quarter of 1 sec). Can anybody suggest any troubleshooting which can be done from my side.

Or please explain what has happened.........