Is my videocard integrated?


I've just bought a game,but i noticed that it doesn't support integrated motherboard chipsets.I am using a laptop.My video is NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M.Is it integrated or I will be able to play the game?
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  1. It's not integrated, but it isn't a good card either. What game is it? With only 16 texture units, 96 shaders, and DDR3 it won't be maxing anything out.
  2. The game is 007 Legends.I don't care if i will max it out,I only want to play it.Are you sure it's not integrated?Somewhere on the Internet i read that it is.
  3. Well it has its own memory, but it is probably soldered onto the motherboard. But it's not integrated in the sense of it shares system memory and is on the CPU die or northbridge.
  4. So i will be able to run the game since it is not integrated in the sense that the game follows?
  5. Steam shows the minimum system specs here.

    Your video card is way down the list from the minimum specs.,3107-7.html
  6. So it seems I won't be able to run it,right?Shame for the 50 euros i gave...
  7. It may run, but you will have to play it at the lowest settings if it even plays, and still you would probably have low FPS.
  8. If you own it, why not try it? It may not be great, but if you play around with settings you may be able to get 30FPS which is acceptable.
  9. I own it, but i can't activate it on Steam until November 2nd.I will be really dissapointed if it doesn't run,but i hope i will manage somehow to run it.
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