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Hi all,

There is a problem with my power switch on my case, I simply need a replacement switch (the connection wire from the motherboard to the case which has a momentary switch on the case)

Ive found many online but they are all US sellers, do you know of any UK stores?

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  1. Don't know what case you have but I've a few powerswitches hanging around,
    P.m me an address and I'll treat you
  2. I'll have to post it monday man, but it will be on its way to you shortly
  3. No problem, thanks again for your help.
  4. hi mate - thanks for the switch it arrived this morning.

    I just need some advice. My own case power switch, when it was connected to the mobo and i switched on the PSU on from the back, the computer started up (without me touching the switch), then the computer shut down after 5 seconds

    I attached your switch and its not doing anything, im pressing the switch button but no power up.

    Im having to use a momentary switch on the mobo (its actually part of the mobo) to switch on/restart my computer.

    Do you have any ideas what the prob maybe?

    Thanks again.
  5. Yours is shorted somewhere along the length it would seem, thats the only explanation for that behaviour
    And I didn't test the switch I sent you, in hindsight I should have but it was working when I removed it from my old Pc,
    If you can test it with another system it would help but I think its possible that your mobo has been damaged by your old switch being shorted out,
    only way to check 'my' switch is working is to either wire it to the reset pins on your mobo and check the function on there or wire it to another mobo altogether,
    sorry its not been a smooth process mate :(
  6. Hi Thanks for the advice, The switch worked in the restart pins. But not in the power pins. so i think your right, might have been that ive had the mobo damaged by my old switch. Luckily i have a power switch on the mobo, its just inconvenient having to open up my case everytime i was to power up!

    Thanks again for your assistance i much appreciate it. :)
  7. No problem man, Sorry it wasn't the result you wanted/needed but we had to try :)
    Take it easy,
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