A10-5800K New Build Will Not boot

CPU: A10-5800K
MOBO: ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 FM2
RAM: G.Skill 8GB (4gb x2)
PSU: 600W (Already tried replacing this)

When I apply power, all fans start up, I can hear the hard drive and DVD drive start up but there is no beep. The error code display (AKA Dr. Debug) doesn't display anything.

Sounds like the motherboard is DOA since I already replaced the PSU and it still does not boot (unless I got really lucky and got another DOA PSU :heink: ). Could it also be the CPU? I would of though Dr. Debug would display something even for that...

Any Ideas?
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  1. Do you get any video at all?

    I am having somewhat the same issue with my Nephew's Xmas present ASCrapRock barebones system (Motherboard) I got him right now.
    Mine is hit or miss at engaging the monitor right @power on. Sometimes Ziltch others works fine.

    I flip the P/S switch off.. Wait a min or two.. Flip it on and hit the power button and the monitor sometimes kick in and all seems fine.

    I'd be willing to bet if I pulled this M/B out and checked the back of the M/B that pin 1 is not square.
    Square pin 1 means they followed the EEC (Electrical Engineer Code) when building the M/B.

    If pin 1 is round then it is a serious cheapie (A Chinese Bottle Cap).

    This is a quality Motherboard here (Notice the Square Pin 1):
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    Sounds like a DOA motherboard
  3. tried vga, dvi, and hdmi and all result in nothing.
  4. No video what so ever yet, you hear everything cranking up?

    You've tried all mediums VGA, DVI, HDMI and the monitor shows 'No Signal'?
    Is it a monitor or a LCD or Plasma?
    If LCD or Plasma make sure your TV input is set to HDMI yadda yadda.

    Are you using a PCI-Express GPU or the onboard GPU?

    Possibly try a different monitor just to make sure that is not the problem.
    If that fails.. Then you're one of the lucky ones to get a busted motherboard. :fou:

    I would say check the BIOS settings but, w/no video, that will be difficult.
  5. swapped motherboard and it fixed the problem.
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  7. madreag said:
    swapped motherboard and it fixed the problem.

    My father ordered my nephew a pre-built system and it had intermittent video as well.. After removing and using my dad's P/S and still no video he finally believed me when I told him the motherboard was junk. Money is tight or he'd let me build the thing for him in the first place as I did his computer and my entire extended family damn near.. UGH!

    I ran up and bought an ASUS M/B installed it and WAHLAH! Runs like a charm now.

    The ebay guy that sold it to my dad even refunded the cost of the new M/B to his paypal account as well as the 30bucks in gas dad wasted driving his dually to Lima Ohio to pick it up.
    Pretty nice even though he sold him a piece of junk. The only selling point of the system was the quad core 3.6 CPU.

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