HOw do i get my radeon 7690m XT to work in windows 8

Ive tryed for hours but i cant find anywhere that has the catalyst verison and driver update to get it to work in windows 8. I have switchable gpus and i cant get my gaming one to work. Any ideas, links, or suggestions?
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    I have a HP PAVILION dv7-6c52er with AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT
    Today Update ... Win8 is good but will have to put the second OSes win7. Driver from hp for 8 not out and PREVIOUS not work. From the site of AMD downloaded amddriverdownloader.exe to auto-detect drivers. He decided that I "unknow64bit" Os)

    P.S. Russia is also waiting to solve this problem!
    PSS and why I have not bought a macbook pro (
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